Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alive + Updates :D

Hey there! yes im alaive, just creeping sometimes on twitter and msn and drawing some stuff here some stuff there xD
I've been away for a while since many fun things happened this summer and I have to live it up the most of it!
Oh and thank you to all who said Happy B-day to Siena on June 3rd! Im happy people still like her! and since im SLOW with UTAU and don't allways get to update her with songs ect much and she still get love! Thank you! :D
Here are some stuff I shoud have posted a gizillion years ago xD

A song for Camila Melodia I made :D Im stiff fixing it with some stuff but I hope Yesi liked it since I word the best I could! I still don't know how to make nice USTs and its a pain to do one from scratch and edited yourself O_o


Siena sing thanks to others!:

A super fun video of Te te te by many overseas UTAUs ! we all colaborated on the picture :D

Evil Food Eater Conchita by Vocayaya (on Youtube) : ^__^

Danilo is still loved ;_____; thank you UPPERCLASSamphibian (on Youtube)

Thank you Risago for making her sing in two choruses :D

Thank you making something for Siena on her birthday extremeclay1 (on youtube)! It made me happy! :D

A really big chorus!!! @____@

Thanks to StarfishAnge for making Siena sing with Nunnoru! they both sound awesome! lol my art was not half bad ether! :D