Saturday, October 31, 2009

:D Siena sings Spanish with other UTAUs :3

Yesi-chan did this adorable video with Ñal, Camila, Yoru, Siena, and Tony singing a Spanish Catholic called "Pescador de hombres" (Fisherman of men). I love how Siena sounds in Spanish TwT I really should make more Spanish with her.

On Another note, more English with the Kotones and trying out the characters in Ripsync :D English=Fail
lol its their accent I don't like lol

On Nico:

And also! thank you Arendyll for including Siena in this awesome chorus!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Siena and Danilo sing! New videos and more people make her sing! :D

First of all! These are the two new videos I made of Siena and Danilo :D

Fisrt they sing for the first time in Spanish! Fantasma de la Opera (Phantom of the Opera), Spanish version! :D

On Nico:

Next is The Path of Wind from the movie My Neighbor Totoro:

On Nico:

Now, THANK YOU Nickolyna! For making these two awseome videos, Siena singing with Rikai! !!!! *3* Both of them are with the song Double Lariat! The fisrt one is an animation (an adorable one) and then a speed paint of the last picture in the first video :D

On Nico:

And last but not least! THANK YOU Blue Valkerie! for making Danilo sing with Celestine such and preety song *__*

Friday, October 23, 2009

Siena's Ver. 1.2!

At last I was able to make an update D: I had SO many problems with my microphone D: and now its dead... so Im still trying to fix it, the method I use worked always but now it doesen't T_T oh well XD Still enjoy! *3* This update includes some change in the sylables I din't like and new ones, as well new fixed oto.inis :3
Byez :3

DOWNLOAD: in the Voicebank download section :D

In another note! Chicojava (on youtube) made Siena sing and awesome song! Really great job and thank you again! :D

On Nico:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Teto and more stuff :D

Well first time using Kasane Teto, she so cute >.< XD she is singing the opening theme from Pita-Ten

On Nico:

And ReVoiceLoids (on Youtube) made some Overseas UTAUs (including Siena) sing a piano version of Melt :D

On Nico:

On another note, Yesi posted somthing about the UTAU festival and I must say, I actually dind't think something like that could happen! XD Its preety awesome and I know atleast some overseas UTAUs are going to be featured! Its really cool for that! I hope there are videos in Nico or something XD OwO

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dreaming Little bird :D

Forgot to post this :3 Did this video a while ago with some everseas UTAUs :D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Siena and Danilo characters sets!

Wooo, I've seen pretty much all UTAUs have these cute character thingies XD Sooo I decided to make mine :D After Yesi made Camila and Camilo I was like "I want some!", but I was to lazy XD later on I maneged to finish them :D , if me or you are lazy and want to do a song Using Siena or Danilo, feel free to use the characters ;D
Download here: Siena & Danilo Kotone Character set