Thursday, December 17, 2009

A small tutorial :D

I made a genderbending tutorial, since MANY people have been asking me lately in Youtube and notes, how do I ganderbend. So I decided to make this, hope it helps!
The tutorial can de downloaded here: Genderbending (Flag) an UTAU

Monday, December 7, 2009

Adorable pictures :D and Palette

Come on this is super cute lol

Thank you みぞれ (on Pixiv) :3

And Onaneko (on Deviantart) made this wonderlfull gift! It made me really happy! I think its the only present I will recieve for my birth day LOL I think even my friend forgot T-T oh well! this made me happy! Thank you! *W*

Siena n Danilo Kotone by ~Onaneko on deviantART

Also here is Siena's cover of Palette ^-^

and on Nico:

Monday, November 30, 2009

Updates! HOLYDAYS!

Well Chrismas is almost here and Im going crazy! so much to study and many parties comming up (I need new clothes lolz) and my birthday is coming up too soon!!! in 12 days (december 12) I'll be 17! Im almost LEGAL~ Yes~ I need a drivers licence xD

Well Thanx to Yesi, we collaborated in thsi song called "Saludos Saludos" yes in Spanish~ I did the picture, and Yesi did the song and ust!
here it is:

Also I forgot to post this! lol Some time ago Chicojava (in Youtube) made Camila, Calestine and Siena sing Hamabe no Uta, also with a cute in his own way PV! lol

ALSO Inuyahshacatlover (in Youtube) made this wondelfull chorus with Overseas UTAUs of the Dark Alice song, including Siena! its WIN! Go see it!

On Nico:

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Materchichan ( and Yesi-chan ( made Tony, Kenta and Danilo sing IMITATION BLACK originally by Gakupo, KAITO and Len !
This is practicly my favorite song ever made by Vocaloids and Im so haapy they considered Danilo for the shota in a drag role LOL XD
Im happy! happy happy! :D And Masterchichan made his ust in top of all! thats preety amaizing, the ust is so well done lol and Thank you Yesi for making the awesome WIN picture :D and for sugesting in the first place!~ lol and Masterchichan for making them sing! :D
Heres the video:

On Nico:

And the picture :D

UTAU IMITATION BLACK by ~yesi-chan on deviantART

On another note I made Danilo sing Love is war :D

Saturday, October 31, 2009

:D Siena sings Spanish with other UTAUs :3

Yesi-chan did this adorable video with Ñal, Camila, Yoru, Siena, and Tony singing a Spanish Catholic called "Pescador de hombres" (Fisherman of men). I love how Siena sounds in Spanish TwT I really should make more Spanish with her.

On Another note, more English with the Kotones and trying out the characters in Ripsync :D English=Fail
lol its their accent I don't like lol

On Nico:

And also! thank you Arendyll for including Siena in this awesome chorus!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Siena and Danilo sing! New videos and more people make her sing! :D

First of all! These are the two new videos I made of Siena and Danilo :D

Fisrt they sing for the first time in Spanish! Fantasma de la Opera (Phantom of the Opera), Spanish version! :D

On Nico:

Next is The Path of Wind from the movie My Neighbor Totoro:

On Nico:

Now, THANK YOU Nickolyna! For making these two awseome videos, Siena singing with Rikai! !!!! *3* Both of them are with the song Double Lariat! The fisrt one is an animation (an adorable one) and then a speed paint of the last picture in the first video :D

On Nico:

And last but not least! THANK YOU Blue Valkerie! for making Danilo sing with Celestine such and preety song *__*

Friday, October 23, 2009

Siena's Ver. 1.2!

At last I was able to make an update D: I had SO many problems with my microphone D: and now its dead... so Im still trying to fix it, the method I use worked always but now it doesen't T_T oh well XD Still enjoy! *3* This update includes some change in the sylables I din't like and new ones, as well new fixed oto.inis :3
Byez :3

DOWNLOAD: in the Voicebank download section :D

In another note! Chicojava (on youtube) made Siena sing and awesome song! Really great job and thank you again! :D

On Nico:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Teto and more stuff :D

Well first time using Kasane Teto, she so cute >.< XD she is singing the opening theme from Pita-Ten

On Nico:

And ReVoiceLoids (on Youtube) made some Overseas UTAUs (including Siena) sing a piano version of Melt :D

On Nico:

On another note, Yesi posted somthing about the UTAU festival and I must say, I actually dind't think something like that could happen! XD Its preety awesome and I know atleast some overseas UTAUs are going to be featured! Its really cool for that! I hope there are videos in Nico or something XD OwO

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dreaming Little bird :D

Forgot to post this :3 Did this video a while ago with some everseas UTAUs :D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Siena and Danilo characters sets!

Wooo, I've seen pretty much all UTAUs have these cute character thingies XD Sooo I decided to make mine :D After Yesi made Camila and Camilo I was like "I want some!", but I was to lazy XD later on I maneged to finish them :D , if me or you are lazy and want to do a song Using Siena or Danilo, feel free to use the characters ;D
Download here: Siena & Danilo Kotone Character set

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Overseas UTAU!- Alice Human Sacrifice (from Nico Video)

Omg! Someone in Nico made Alice Human Sacrifice and used Siena and Danilo as the Alice of Hearts! omg! Im so happy :D It made my day! lol Also all of the Alices are overseas UTAUs! :D
Here the video:

Here's the adorable drawing!

Woop! Now to finish my drawing Im in the prosesss OwO

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Me singing with Siena and Siena sings "Anger"~!

A response to the UTAU Game! Yesi-chan tagged me so I did this. Me singing a duet of "Meltdown" with Siena! :D and bounus see how I color the picture :D

And Siena sings one of my favorite Miku songs, Anger:

Posted on Nico too(First time posting on Nico yey!):

Monday, August 17, 2009

More songs! :D

Siena sings Adolescence with Danilo :3

Uplaoded in Nico too:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Siena Kotone's voicebank ver.1.1

Her voicebank new version is here! Hopefully she can speak better English and better Spanish :D also modified a bunch of sylabes and oto.ini file :D
Download here: Version 1.1
And If you do make her sing, please tell me! I've love to heart it!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Siena sings Hare Hare Yukai with Rikai and Yuki!

The song of evil doom of dance!!! LOL I actually learned the dance! XD XD XD XD

Posted in Nico too:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Danilo sings with Kenta Tori no Uta and Siena with other UTAUs!

Eeeeeeee!!! Thank u Yesi-chan!!! for real!!! They sounds so amaizing and the cover art too!

Here's the video in Nico Video:

And again thank Yesi-chan!!! :D :D :D :D :D Siena is sooo cute! and the song is sooo cool! XD

Posted on Nico too:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update on voicebank!

Before going to my trip I made a small update on the voicebank, I added some sylabels and fixed some. Download were voicebank is downloaded! Enjoy! and BYE!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Siena and Danilo's first duet! Magnet!

Siena and Danilo Kotone's first duet, singing Magnet!

Uploaded on Nico Video!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Frist people on making Siena sing!

Thank u yesi-chan for making her sing!
Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson (Danilo Kotone & Camilo Adagio chorus, Danilo is Siena's genderbender at g+15)):

Bach's Air ,Chorus with Camila, Siena, Ayame:

And Danilo again singing, with 4 more overseas UTAUs, Dreaming little bird:

And thank u Nickolyna for making Siena sing Toeto!

Posted on Nico video too!

First videos I made of Siena

Her first video I made! MELT :D

Uploaded in Nico to:

Her second video: Meltdown

Uploaded in Nico Video! And has better sync!! Please hear this version XD XD XD I might upload it to youtube later :3

Her other video is a test of her english and a duet with Camila Melodia! (yesi-chan's UTAU) lol...still have to practice.

Also in Nico too:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

At Last! I have my UTAU blog!

Woo! hoo! the realease of Siena's voice bank is here and the release of her blog! at last I have time to do one :D Also note that the voicebank ver. 1.0 has all the lyrics for japanese song but for english and spanish song are not complete yet, though she can sing some english :3 I'll be shure to update soon the voicebank with new lyrics!