Monday, January 11, 2010

School~ the joy~

Well school starts tomorrow~ yay the joy~ I hope I can still do UTAU work and drawings xD (Pysics class takes all my time) and after seeing Camila Malodia's new original song I got more pumped to finish one that im doing that I started.. about.. 4 months ago.. never finished it since I was lazy~ now I will! *w* oh and Im working on a PV so ya, stay tuned~

Also more videos! This time Siena singing We Are POP☆CANDY (by UPPERCLASSamphibian on Youtube) and Alice Human Sacrifice~ Danilo this time with the role of the second Alice. he sounds so manly! lol I love it xD I actually never though he would sing the seconds alice part lol (by aerendyll)

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