Monday, September 20, 2010

hello~ :D *_* @_@

Hello~ I feel mmmm out of UTAU xD Well about a month ago I started the university and well its been REALLY busy xD Its sad that I haven't updated much but I still love my Siena and Danilo and I don't think they will die ir anything, they will be just lingering for a bit more around~ and round~ but I will still make videos and songs and such~ Im still working on some originals but I had a bit of problems with them and I had to re-write one of the again and bla bla.
Also I was lerning to use Vocaloid better and drawing and playing games more XD
oh and studying... a lot... my head hurts everytime friday comes and the weekend go by so fast~ but yea~ I still linger here, alive, in the internet~ :D

Here some videos from past months or days that I haven't poseted here xD

A Revised Version of "Te Buscare"

Ehhh I know I forgot some but I'll find them if I remember xD

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