Monday, October 26, 2009

Siena and Danilo sing! New videos and more people make her sing! :D

First of all! These are the two new videos I made of Siena and Danilo :D

Fisrt they sing for the first time in Spanish! Fantasma de la Opera (Phantom of the Opera), Spanish version! :D

On Nico:

Next is The Path of Wind from the movie My Neighbor Totoro:

On Nico:

Now, THANK YOU Nickolyna! For making these two awseome videos, Siena singing with Rikai! !!!! *3* Both of them are with the song Double Lariat! The fisrt one is an animation (an adorable one) and then a speed paint of the last picture in the first video :D

On Nico:

And last but not least! THANK YOU Blue Valkerie! for making Danilo sing with Celestine such and preety song *__*

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