Friday, October 23, 2009

Siena's Ver. 1.2!

At last I was able to make an update D: I had SO many problems with my microphone D: and now its dead... so Im still trying to fix it, the method I use worked always but now it doesen't T_T oh well XD Still enjoy! *3* This update includes some change in the sylables I din't like and new ones, as well new fixed oto.inis :3
Byez :3

DOWNLOAD: in the Voicebank download section :D

In another note! Chicojava (on youtube) made Siena sing and awesome song! Really great job and thank you again! :D

On Nico:


  1. D8 The double lariat will be with her older voicebank ok?

  2. to Rikai:
    Shure :D no problem :3 Siena's voice doesent change in any way, just more english sylabes and corrections to them :D