Thursday, November 12, 2009


Materchichan ( and Yesi-chan ( made Tony, Kenta and Danilo sing IMITATION BLACK originally by Gakupo, KAITO and Len !
This is practicly my favorite song ever made by Vocaloids and Im so haapy they considered Danilo for the shota in a drag role LOL XD
Im happy! happy happy! :D And Masterchichan made his ust in top of all! thats preety amaizing, the ust is so well done lol and Thank you Yesi for making the awesome WIN picture :D and for sugesting in the first place!~ lol and Masterchichan for making them sing! :D
Heres the video:

On Nico:

And the picture :D

UTAU IMITATION BLACK by ~yesi-chan on deviantART

On another note I made Danilo sing Love is war :D

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