Monday, November 30, 2009

Updates! HOLYDAYS!

Well Chrismas is almost here and Im going crazy! so much to study and many parties comming up (I need new clothes lolz) and my birthday is coming up too soon!!! in 12 days (december 12) I'll be 17! Im almost LEGAL~ Yes~ I need a drivers licence xD

Well Thanx to Yesi, we collaborated in thsi song called "Saludos Saludos" yes in Spanish~ I did the picture, and Yesi did the song and ust!
here it is:

Also I forgot to post this! lol Some time ago Chicojava (in Youtube) made Camila, Calestine and Siena sing Hamabe no Uta, also with a cute in his own way PV! lol

ALSO Inuyahshacatlover (in Youtube) made this wondelfull chorus with Overseas UTAUs of the Dark Alice song, including Siena! its WIN! Go see it!

On Nico:

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